Frequently Asked Questions

You can now return the episodes purchased in a series. Episodes listened to in a series should be less than or equal to mentioned episodes. Coins from the returned series will get added to your wallet and the number of refunded episodes will be locked
You can refund the series from multiple locations -
  • Series description page
  • My Library
  • Player page
You can use the refund option only if you have listened to less than equal to mentioned episodes of the series you are planning to refund. The limit is same for all the series
There is no expiry limit on the coins you get from the return, you can use these coins to watch any series you want
No, you cannot return the same series again
You can return any number of series, however, if you misuse refund you’ll be blocked from doing anymore refunds
If you return the series, episodes returned will be removed from the downloaded section
Yes, you can return fast pass episode if it lies under the return limit
Coins will be returned to your wallet as soon as you press return
Yes, you can unlock the episodes again by paying coins once you have returned the same
You can’t return to the listened episode if you haven’t spent any coins on the same