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Pocket FM is a global audio series platform founded in 2018 by Rohan Nayak, Nishanth KS and Prateek Dixit. The company was built with a vision to redefine entertainment space with an audio first approach, and the idea was seeded when audio was a non-existent category.

We pride ourselves in embedding the storytelling elements with a layer of content personalisation in the longer format that resulted in the emergence of “binge listening” as a consumption habit. Today, we have emerged as the preferred digital audio destination for a refined storytelling experience with the audio-series format, riding on our diverse and engaging content.

With our unique storytelling approach, we have breathed new life into audio storytelling, reviving it as a mainstream entertainment format and unearthing unique and unheard stories across the world for our listeners. Today, we are building the most extensive repository of audio content on our platform.

With a community of over 80 million listeners, spending an average of over 110 minutes every day, we witnessed over 45 billion minutes of streaming in 2022. Pocket FM has been witnessing strong adoption of audio series and growth in listening time across the globe.

We have consistently expanded its content diversity and added new series to keep its listeners tuned in. The company has been aggressively focusing on building a universe of entertaining (including romance, horror, thriller, emotional drama, etc.) content. Simultaneously, we continued strengthening our 500,000+ creator community of writers, voice actors and sound engineers worldwide. We have been making immense contributions to the creator economy, from identifying potential creative minds to nurturing them.

Pocket FM is a Series C stage company and has raised US$93.6 million in five rounds and is backed by some marquee investors like Lightspeed, Times Internet, Tanglin Venture Partners, Goodwater Capital, Naver and others.

Company Factsheet

Who are we

Global audio series platform

Founded on


Launched on


What are we building

An audio series library with a universe of unique content delivered by storytellers across the world

What are we delivering

A refreshing entertainment experience through listening pleasure



Content genre

Romance, Horror, Thriller, Sci-fi, Fiction, Mythology and many more

What do we call our audience


Total listener community

80+ million

Monthly Transactions

1+ mn monthly transaction

Daily average user time spent

110+ mins upwards

Monthly audio streaming

4+ billion minutes

Languages covered

English and Indian native languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, and Marathi

Our Creator Community

500,000+ writers and voice actors

Total Investment

US$ 93.5 million

Key Investors

Lightspeed, Goodwater Capital, Tanglin Venture Partners, Naver, Times Internet, Tencent and more