Mistaken Identities

Author: Kahanibaaz_R

Narrator: RJ Neha


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Neha and Mayra are step sisters. Mayra was about to get married to Saransh. However, Mayra dies in an accident and Neha is blamed for her death. After Mayra's death, Neha's life becomes a living hell. Things take a turn for worse when Neha gets married to Saransh whom she loved dearly since her childhood but unfortunately, Saransh hates her. He as well his family feels that Neha is the one who has killed her own sister to marry Saransh. No matter how much Saransh humiliates her in front of everyone Neha feels he will eventually realize her love for him. What happens next? Will Saransh fall in love with Neha? Will Neha receive the love she deserves? Listen to "Mistaken Identities" only on Pocket FM to find out.
Disclaimer - This show may contain expletives, strong language, and mature content for adult listeners, including sexually explicit content and themes of violence. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real persons, businesses, places or events is coincidental. This show is not intended to offend or defame any individual, entity, caste, community, race, religion or to denigrate any institution or person, living or dead. Listener's discretion is advised.


Priya  2yr ago
100 Books, 1629 Followers
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It's my first time to give such a low rating as because writer had protrayed the main leads whether neha aur sharansh very badly. In this story always evil characters win the battle and even they don't get the fruit of karma. Sharansh is nice person ,he loved his childhood sweetheart neha very deeply,but due to misunderstanding created by sweta all ruined. Sharansh was right from his point of view , he thinks that neha killed mayra . He can take revenge in a better way ,he can put her in prison but in the outrage to hate he behaved cruelly with neha. He had done all mistakes such as marital rape, harrasment, public disrespect. Neha , she is so sweet but at the same time a fool. she doesn't rose her voice at the right time. She simply obey all statement given by sharansh. Many a times she can save herself from being humiliated by saying just no . She was a well educated girl she can do any job atleast as a primary teacher. When she needed money for rimjhim Operation she can choose modelling as a career not as a prostitute. If a person doing injustice is wrong then a person who ignore the violence is also guilty.
Dimple lotia  2yr ago
100 Books, 167 Followers
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bhot achi story hain but jo Neha ka saath hua wo bhot galt tha ana hain phele saranse our ab maraya is ਚੁੜਲੇ ka sir fored du bus plz jaldi se asre sachi sab ka samne ay jay plz yahi dua karte hain our ਸਰਾਂਸ apne Neha ko pachan le our rimjim ko dunde le🙏🙏🙏

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